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HMS Fellowship Program in Transfusion Medicine - Trainees

Former and Current Trainees Graduates of the fellowship are in a wide variety of positions in basic science, clinical service, and industry.
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Name Medical School Training Dates Present Position Institution Title
Jun Teruya, MD, D Sc Hokkaido University, Japan
1992 - 1993
Director, Blood Bank Children's Hospital Associate Professor of Pathology, Baylor University
Michael R Pins, MD Strich College of Medicine, Loyola Street
1993 - 1994
Associate Professor of Pathology Northwestern University
David M Andrews, MD University of Miami
1994 - 1995
Director, Blood Bank Jackson Memorial Hospital Assistant Professor of Pathology, University of Miami
Petr Jarolim, MD, PhD Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
1996 - 1997
Director BWH Clinical Chemistry Laboratory
Zbigniew M Szczepiorkowski, MD, PhD University of Warsaw
1997 - 1998
Director, Blood Bank Dartmouth Medical Center Assistant Professor of Pathology, Dartmouth Medical School
Jean Connors, MD Johns Hopkins Medical School
1998 - 2000
Clinical Director, Hematology Division Brigham and Women's Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Jeannie Ritchie, MD Dartmouth Medical School
1998 - 1999
Staff Pathologist Southern Maine Medical Center
Alexander Kratz, MD, PhD University of Vienna
1999 - 2000
Medical Director Allen Pavilion Clinical Laboratory
Yashpal Agrawal, MD, PhD Maharaja Sayajiro University, India
2000 - 2001
Director, Chemistry Laboratory University of Iowa Hospital
Abba Zubair, MD, PhD Sheffield University, England
2000 - 2001
Director of Transfusion Medicine Service & Stem Cell Processing Lab Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine Mayo Clinic
Irina Knezevic-Maramica, MD, PhD University of Belgrade Medical School
2000 - 2001
Medical Director of Transfusion Medicine UC Irvine Medical Center Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Orange, CA
Melody Cunningham, MD University of Massachusetts Medical School Worcester, MA
2001 - 2002
Director of Thalassemia Program, Department of Hematology St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis TN
Grace Kao, MD Tufts University Medical School, Boston, MA
2001 - 2002
Assistant Medical Director, Cell Manipulation Core Facility DFCI Instructor in Pathology, Harvard Medical School
Beth Shaz, MD University of Michigan Medical School
2001 - 2002
Grady Health System Atlanta, GA
Yoriko Saito, MD Harvard Medical School
2002 - 2003
RIKEN Institute Research Center for Allergy and Immunology Unit for Human Disease Model, Yokohama Japan
Quentin Eichbaum, MD, PhD Harvard Medical School
2002 - 2003
Research Fellow in Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital
Katayoon Goodarzi, MD Albert Einstein College of Medicine
2003 - 2004
Assistant Professor of Hematology Tufts University
Robert Makar, MD, PhD University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas
2003 - 2004
Assistant Director, Blood Transfusion Service Massachusetts General Hospital Instructor in Pathology, Harvard Medical School
Ljiljana Vasovic, MD University of Belgrade Medical School
2003 - 2004
Associate Blood Bank Director Montefiore Medical Center Assistant Professor of Pathology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Kavita Nirmal MBBS B.J. Medical College, India
2004 - 2005
Fellow in Hematology Wayne State University Medical School, Detroit, MI
Kamran Darabi, MD University of Cologne, Germany
2004 - 2005
Fellow in Hematology/Medical Oncology New York Medical College (OLM Program) Bronx, NY
Robert Blelloch, MD, PhD University of Wisconsin Medical School
2004 - 2005
Assistant Professor, Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Comprehensive Cancer Center Departments of Urology and Pathology, UCSF Staff, UCSF Institute for Stem Cell and Tissue Biology
Chance John Luckey, MD, PhD University of Virginia School of Medicine
2004 - 2005
Assistant Professor, Pathology, BWH
Steven R. Sloan, MD, PhD New York University School of Medicine
2005 - 2006
Blood Bank Medical Director, Children's Hospital Boston Assistant Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School
Aleksandar M. Babic, MD, PhD University of Belgrade Medical School
2005 - 2006
Clinical Instructor in Pathology Associate Medical Director, Adult Transfusion Medicine BWH
Christine M. Cserti, MD University of Toronto, Canada
2005 - 2006
Transfusion Medicine Specialist TMC of the University Health Network, Toronto Canada
Richard L. Haspel, MD, PhD Cornell University Medical College
2005 - 2006
Medical Director, Stem Cell Processing Laboratory Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital
Amy Powers, M.D. Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University of Chicago
2006 - 2007
Medical Director, Apherisis and Infusion Services Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital
Finny Kuruvilla, MD, PhD Harvard Medical School
2006 - 2007
Massachusetts General Hospital Simches Research Center
Amanda Davis, MD Monash University, Melbourne Australia
2006 - 2007
Haematologist and Transfusion Medicine Specialist at The Alfred Hospital
Larissa Bornikova, MD University of New Mexico School of Medicine
2007 - 2008
Hematology/Oncology Fellowship University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
John Manis, M.D. State University New York Syracuse
2008 - 2009
Attending Physician Children's Hospital Boston Assistant Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School
Daniela Krause, M.D. Free University of Berlin
2008 - 2009
Clinical Pathology Resident Massachusetts General Hospital
Salima Shaikh, M.D. University of Arkansas College of Medicine
2008 - 2009
Assistant Medical Director American Red Cross
Bernard Khor, M.D. Washington University
2009 - 2010
Clinical Pathology Resident Massachusetts General Hospital
Sacha Uljon, MD, PhD Mount Sinai School of Medicine
2009 - 2010
Fellow Massachusetts General Hospital
Shachi Gupta, MD Sarojini Naidu Medical College, Agra, India
2010 - 2011
Fellow St. Elizabeth's Hospital
Christian P. Nixon, M.D., Ph.D. Brown University School of Medicine
Pathology Resident Yale University
Erin Meyer, D.O., MPH University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Associate Medical Director Emory University
Pavan Bendapudi, M.D. Stanford Medical School
Fellow Dana Farber Cancer Institute
William Lane, MD, PhD Weill Cornell Medical School
Director, Clinical Lab Informatics Brigham and Women's Hospital
James Kelley, MD, PhD University of Alabama School of Medicine
Associate Medical Director MD Anderson Cancer Center Associate Medical Director
Claudia Chapuy, MD
Clinical Fellow Dana Farber Cancer Institute Fellow
Nathan Nielsen, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pathology Univ. of Maryland School of Medicine
Alexander Carterson
Hematology/Pathology Fellow Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Hematology/Pathology Fellow
Dan Kelly
2014 - 2015
Attending Physician, Division of Medicine Critical Care Children's Hospital Boston Instructor in Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Roger Belizaire
2014 - 2015
Pathology Resident Brigham and Women's Hospital
Johnathan Mack
2015 - 2016
Associate Medical Director Mass General Hospital Instructor in Pathology
Moritz Stolla Assistant researcher
2015 - 2016
University of Rochester Medical Center, New York Bloodworks Northwest
Marie Hollenhorst Harvard Medical School
2016 - 2017
Clinical Fellow Stanford University Fellow
Stephan Kadauke Perelman School of Medicine
2016 - 2017
Assistant Director of the Cell and Gene Therapy Laboratory Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Assistant Professor in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Meaghan Colling, MD Harvard Medical School
2017 - 2018
Associate Medical Director Mass General Hospital Instructor in Pathology, Harvard Medical School
Anh Dinh, MD Eastern Virginia Medical School
Assistant HLA Director New York Blood Center Instructor in Pathology
Mahboubeh Rahmani, MD Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science
Mark Lee, M.D., Ph.D. Harvard Medical School
T32 Fellow Mass General Hospital Instructor in Pathology
Bryce Pasko, M.D. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Associate Medical Director Children's Hospital Colorado Instructor in Pediatrics
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